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Thunder Poster

Thunder Poster

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Missoula Pro XTC

The Missoula Pro XCT is scheduled for July 23rd and 24th. Amateur categories will be on the 23rd and UCI categories will be on the 24th.

We are honored and excited to be selected as part of the series. Having the best North American mountain bikers in your backyard is an amazing opportunity and we will give them the attention they deserve. However, I want all Montana mountain bikers to take ownership over this race. This is a celebration of mountain biking in Montana. This race is for all the hard core MT racers and riders that seldom get the chance to shine. Think of Rolling Thunder times 20. The focus will be on having a good time and racing hard.

Before the official roll out and website, here are a couple facts about the race.

- The venue is Marshall Mountain. We are cutting trails and creating a race course this Fall and next Spring. Go Marshall!

- There will be a 4 week Working Man/Woman Series on the course in June. This will be held on Wednesdays.

- The two UCI races will be on Sunday. Elite men and elite women.

- There is a group of core sponsors who are making this race happen and deserve a thank you from now until eternity. Cafe Dolce, Missoula Bicycle Works, Zillastate, Momentum, Big Sky Bikes, Kent Brothers, Marshall Mountain and Sean Kelley's.

- The crew who puts Rolling Thunder on is the same crew putting this on. We know this is a big step so we've reached out to local experts and Montana cycling circles. Together as one big community we are going to make this thing happen.

The race website will be rolled out in the next two weeks. If you have questions or you want to be involved in the race feel free to email me, montanacyclocross@gmail.com

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SSAndrew said...

"Having the best North American mountain bikers in your backyard is an amazing opportunity and we will give them the attention they deserve." Just my two cents, but only catering to the elites for the races on the national calender is what screwed up the national series. Remember the other guys and gals, who pay out of their own pocket to get to the race, pony up their own dough to race, and care more about the overall weekend experience than whether or not they get a good result. Cater to the little guys, they choose to be their, the pros have to be there.