November 1st and 2nd

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race November 1st and 2nd

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TWTT Round 3 - Today - time change - 6:15 START

We'll send the first rider off at 6:15 today. Please pass the word on. Tacos will immediately follow the awards ceremony.

We've got some sweet prizes tonight as well as candy bars for anyone who breaks their PR. If we get more then 15 people I'll start people in 30 second intervals. Below is the starting order. It's in order of the overall standings.


Daviess said...

Im leaving work early...sign me up

...Im out for blood

ShaunRadley said...

That's why you're the HALF MAN HALF ANIMAL...

Anonymous said...

Is this a permanent time change?

ShaunRadley said...

If things work out today, then yes 6:15 will be a permanent time change.