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Thunder Poster

Monday, February 2, 2009

Niels and the Belgiums re-capture worlds

A big individual effort and a united team brought Niels Albert his first Elite World Championship. Ny's kept an in form Stybar on check while Albert pulled away. 6 of Belgium's riders were in the top ten (Albert, Nys, Pauwels, Wellens, Vanthourenhout, Vantornout). The home team was dissappointing with the highest finisher being Thijs Al in 12th. Defending World Champ Boom finished a dissappointing 20th. The best US rider was JPow in 35th. I was a little dissappointed with the US performance, but what can you expect from these guys.....They've been trying to stay in form since Cross Vegas. Albert had a super strong early season and looked to be the next dominator in cross. He got injured, but came back and peaked at the right time. It's almost like the injury forced some rest upon him....and let him build his form back up for a second peak. Albert is the new prince of cyclocross. I can't give him Ny's thrown. He is still the king...

I wonder how Matty Ice skate skied that fast.........


Amy Frykman said...

kept Stybar in check. You Funny Guy!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your new habit of posing a question at the end of each post.