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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pattee Canyon to Hollowman's Saddle - People do it, we didn't make it

Last week a group of us tried to ride to Hollowman's Saddle from Pattee Canyon. TSully, Downtown, Horangatang, and Nacho comprised the ride. Several Missoulians know this ride and know how to get there, but the five of us had never tried it. We set off at 6:30pm thinking we might come back in the dark but it wouldn't be too bad. It was also the maiden voyage for my new Bianchi 1986 Volpe. Soon we were in familiar territy and we reached the point where I thought the saddle was located. Josh informed me I was about 8 miles off. We kept riding and the flats kept coming on the old Volpe. After a couple wrong turns I told the crew I was turning around and they could keep going without me. Horangtang turned around with me. We had one spare tube left and it was of those 5 hour mechanical filled rides that you really only ride for 2 hours. Sure enough Horan got a flat on the way home. The other three got back home at 11:30 and never found the saddle. Guess will have to try again??

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