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Friday, June 6, 2008

2/3 done with Montana's Road Month - Let's check in

This weekend will finish up the Montana Triple Crown. The Whitefish weekend starts tomorrow with Star Meadows and then Fish Tails on Sunday. Tour of the Bitterroot and Cow Country provided plenty of excitement and really saw some good racing.

While sitting in Vegas by the pool drinking mixed drinks doesn't scream bike racing, I've had some time to reflect on the past two weekends and my own performance.

First off, the Tour of the Bitterroot is a big time race for Montana. The organizers FVV put a crap ton of work into that thing. Party, tshirts, good paper. It's a great all around event, and very important for Montana Cycling. Cow Country, while being less organized almost gives it the feel you want. It kind of feels like a group ride with buddies where your going to hammer eachother and see who's left standing.

After kind of a slow start, GAS showed why they've won the team title since it's inceptions. Curry took a great crit in TOB and Brad was strong in both weekends. Also, Alex Lussier has really emerged. I feel like he's a rider who has been a beast for years, but only a select few folks have known up until now. He had a great TOB. Including pulling the breakaway back in the RR and sacrificing his own chances. In Cow Country he bridged to the break and kept it motoring. Then hung on in the end and finished I think 2nd overall?!?! Other notables include Josh returning to the winners circle in Cow Country and the emergence of the young crowd. Marshall is riding like a beast this year and Rimrock dude Jean Meyer (sp). Theses youngans (I can call them young cause there 6 years younger then me) are ripping my legs off.

In the men cat 4/5 FVV is killing it. They have good tactics and really come in with a plan every race. I respect that and like the way there racing. KSS is coming into form. Twohig continues to ride strong, and Willy Z has just come on like it's his job. Riding with Jason Ames at Cow Country is an amazing ride for Willy.

My main man Scott Lenaburg (sp) continues his winning ways in Master's B. Great job Scott! Who said you'd get dropped every race?!?!

In the ladies Team Delphine is riding well, but NRO is taking the field by storm. Strong cat 4's Joey, KG, Nadia, and Megan compliment T-money and G-dine.

Whitefish will be a good weekend. I'm in Vegas, but hope to get a race report from a winner or anyone else. Feel free to submit your report to me,

Look for Scotty Herzig in the men's race, I know he's not super pumped on the course but he always does well in this race and at this time of year. Other then that the usual suspects of Tack, Morgan, and Curry are ones to watch.

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