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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tour of Cali Day 8

Lots to talk about. First off I can't believe Cavendish got relegated yesterday?!?!?! That stuff is always so weird to me. Every interview I saw had riders saying they would have done the same thing. The fastest man did not win yesterday. Cavendish said Fred R. had words with him at the finish. Fred thought Cavendish caused the crash.....Cipo confirmed those thoughts.

Today was a wild day. Props to Rock Racing for being aggressive, it was good to seem them out and about. The breakaway was filled with strongmen. Rory Sutherland is a beast, and so is Jason McCartney. I really think that Hincapie just out maneuvered everyone in the sprint. I liked Zirbel's move. He was the best TT guy in the group, and I don't think he has a very good sprint. Maybe if he waited a little longer the move would have stuck. I guess he got nervous that the peleton was coming. I also have to comment on Millar again. I love the way he is racing right now. The last two days he's tried solo efforts to over take Levi. He is obviously on good form. Slipstream throughout the whole race was awesome. Levi won the race because he was the strongest, smartest, and had a solid team. The race was made by Slipstream. They animated every day and made it super fun to watch. Steven Cozza was awesome in yesterday's breakaway.

In conclusion, I thought this year's Tour of California was awesome. I'm so glad they finally had full TV coverage. Congrats to Levi. He deserved the victory. Watch out for Slipstream. Shout out to Pipo.....Canada never had the victory in him.

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