Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Season is Fast Approaching

Three weeks and counting to the first Missoula training race. The bike season has really snuck up on me this year. I guess that's why there called training races. It will be fun to see the racer community again. I wonder who will be gunning for that early season form. This year there is a nice stretch of Mssla Training Races, Frozen Flatlands, Roubaix, and Walla Walla. It's a great string of early season racing. My riding is starting late, but I'm hoping to have a role in each of those final three races. I'd love for the team to grab a victory in one of the three. For my entire racing career (2 seasons :)) I have yet to have a Montana Spring Season. I've raced in the collegiate races for University of Montana. This year I look forward to being a part of the scene. I am still figuring out my strengths and weaknesses as a rider. I look forward to riding with Josh, Bob, and Joe and learning from them. Right now I'd identify myself as a classics type rider. I like short climbs, and longer races. I still have lots to learn, and hope to have a season full of lessons.

I went riding yesterday for the second time. It was fun, but I've forgotten the feel of riding with traffic. It's been a bit unnerving these first couple rides.

I'm excited for the MT road season. I think FVV is putting together a nice squad. It will be fun to have 2 Missoula teams with high motivation. I haven't been around for the last time that's happened. I hoping some the FVV dudes upgrade soon (Digby, Kyle, Jeff, Brendan, Matt, Elliot....I'm talking to you guys :)) We need more folks in the cat 1,2,3 races.

See you out there.

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ErikD said...

You'd better believe it! This year is going to be great. See you at the Roubaix party.