Missoula Cyclocross Clinic

Don't forget about the Missoula Cyclocross Clinic on August 27th at Marshall Mountain. Free of charge and after work, starting at 5:45pm. All abilities welcome.

Thunder Poster

Thunder Poster

Monday, July 28, 2014

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race 2014 Information

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race will be November 1st and 2nd.

Save $5 and REGISTER ONLINE here.

11:00am - on site registration and check in opens, it will close at 6:30pm
12:30pm - Junior Boy 11-18 - 20m
12:30pm - Junior Girl 11-18 - 20m
1:10pm - Cat 4 Women - 30m
2:00pm - Kid's Race - half lap
2:30pm - Cat 4/5 Men - 45m
3:50pm - Master Men 40+ - 50m
3:50pm - Master Men 50+ - 50m
3:50pm - Master Men 60+ - 50m
5:10pm - Cat 3 Men - 50m
5:10pm - Single Speed Men - 50m
6:35pm - Cat 1/2/3 Women - 50m
7:45pm - Cat 1/2 Men - 60m

8:30am - on site registration and check in
9:30am - Junior Boy 11-18 - 20m
9:30am - Junior Girl 11-18 - 20m
10:05am - Cat 4/5 Men - 45m
10:05am - Single Speed Men 45m
11:10am - Master Masters 40+ - 50m
11:10am - Master Masters 50+ - 50m
11:10am - Master Masters 60+ - 50m
12:15pm - Cat 1/2/3 Women - 50m
12:15pm - Cat 4 Women - 50m
1:20pm - Cat 3 Men - 60m
1:20pm - Cat 1/2 Men - 60m

*These follow the Wild West Cross Series Overall Category Competitions

RACE VENUE: Missoula Mavericks Lindborg-Cregg Field 3298 Maverick Lane Missoula MT 59804

RACE ANNOUNCEMENTS: https://www.facebook.com/events/710318889038422/

New for 2014! Rolling Thunder is a founding partner in the Wildwest Cyclocross Series.  We are still wrapping up the details, but I can announce the schedule.

*CrosstoberFestivus - Sandpoint - October 4 and 5

*MooseCross - Victor - October 11 and 12

*Rolling Thunder - Missoula - November 1 and 2

*Finals - Couer d'Alene - November 15

There will be overall competitions for all categories. $2k overall prize purse for elites.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Montana Hell Ride

The Montana Hell Ride is September 27th starting at Red Barn Bicycles in Hamilton, MT.  It's 126 miles with 7,917 feet of climbing.  

Along the lines of the Butte 100, Rut 50k, and OSCR 50k, Montanans and Mountain Folks seem to be into high adventure and high amounts of suffering.  This ride will test your gear, your legs, and your heart.  While it's a timed event, we believe finishing will be an accomplishment in itself.  

So, the overall time competition is top 3 male/female in each age group (10 year increments).  Also, there are 4 timed KOM/QOM segments that will be scored using Strava.  We'll recognize the top 3 male/female up each climb.  Also, there will be a special prize given to anyone who breaks a set time (TBD), think Leadville 10hr belt buckle thing.

Registration opens May 19th, here.  It's $110 till July 1st, then it bumps to $135. More information visit here.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race 2014

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race will be November 1st, 2014

The Women's Podium from 2013.  Photo by tomrobertsonphoto.com
The Men's Podium from 2013.  Photo by tomrobertsonphoto.com