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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2014 Wednesday Night Cross Information

The Wednesday Night Cyclocross Series starts Wednesday at the Equestrian Park.  The venue will change from time to time.  I'll try to post on the blog or checkout the Facebook page for Missoula Cyclocross.  That will have the latest information.  Below is information from the Wednesday Night Cross Promoter.

The Wednesday Night Cross series starts this week at the Missoula Equestrian Park, which is out by Big Sky High School and the American Legion baseball field. Steve Dolberg and Pat Scharfe will be on hand for registration starting at about 4:30.

There will be 6 races again this year. Cost for each race is $10, or $35 for the series. Please do yourselves a favor and register for the series, and it will save on check in times for all the later races. If you do not have an annual license, the cost of one-day licenses is (Holy Damn!) $15. The cost of an annual license might be worth it to avoid those $15/day deals. (Also USA Cycling now has a rule that if you have had an annual license before you are not supposed to race on one-day licenses.)

You will only have to sign one waiver for the entire series. So if you come this Wednesday, pay for the whole series and then sign a series waiver, you can show up at 5:44:59 for all the rest of the races.

If you forgot to turn in your cloth number from last year, and still have your cloth number from last year, please bring it. You can use the same number or you can trade it in for a new number and we will give your old number to someone else. Please keep your number for the whole series, and then turn it in after your last race so we can keep using them in future years.

Regarding venues: There will be no races at Ft. Missoula this year. Week 2 races will again be at the Equestrian Park. Some races in October will likely be at the DNRC compound on Spurgin Road. Rolling Thunder is the first weekend of November this year, so we likely will not be using the RT venue except for maybe the last series race on October 22. We also have authority to use Northwestern Energy property at the end of Duncan Drive, but that will take some course work to make it viable. We will keep you posted on that.

Al Gallego and Pat Scharfe are setting the course this week, so expect a lot of dismounts for “natural” features.

There is a post-race beer waiting for you at Caffe Dolce every week of the series, so make it a plan to go to Caffe Dolce after the races.

Thanks to the great sponsors of the race series: Big Sky Brewing, Caffe Dolce, Missoula Bike Works, Hellgate Cyclery, Big Sky Bikes, Open Road, and new this year, Missoula Bike Source. Please support the businesses that support bike racing.

I hope to see you all on Wednesday, and on all upcoming Wednesdays, too. Please forward this email to anyone interested in cross.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race 2014 Information

Rolling Thunder Cyclocross Race will be November 1st and 2nd.

Save $5 and REGISTER ONLINE here.

11:00am - on site registration and check in opens, it will close at 6:30pm
12:30pm - Junior Boy 11-18 - 20m
12:30pm - Junior Girl 11-18 - 20m
1:10pm - Cat 4 Women - 30m
2:00pm - Kid's Race - half lap
2:30pm - Cat 4/5 Men - 45m
3:50pm - Master Men 40+ - 50m
3:50pm - Master Men 50+ - 50m
3:50pm - Master Men 60+ - 50m
5:10pm - Cat 3 Men - 50m
5:10pm - Single Speed Men - 50m
6:35pm - Cat 1/2/3 Women - 50m
7:45pm - Cat 1/2 Men - 60m

8:30am - on site registration and check in
9:30am - Junior Boy 11-18 - 20m
9:30am - Junior Girl 11-18 - 20m
10:05am - Cat 4/5 Men - 45m
10:05am - Single Speed Men 45m
11:10am - Master Masters 40+ - 50m
11:10am - Master Masters 50+ - 50m
11:10am - Master Masters 60+ - 50m
12:15pm - Cat 1/2/3 Women - 50m
12:15pm - Cat 4 Women - 50m
1:20pm - Cat 3 Men - 60m
1:20pm - Cat 1/2 Men - 60m

*These follow the Wild West Cross Series Overall Category Competitions

RACE VENUE: Missoula Mavericks Lindborg-Cregg Field 3298 Maverick Lane Missoula MT 59804


New for 2014! Rolling Thunder is a founding partner in the Wildwest Cyclocross Series.  We are still wrapping up the details, but I can announce the schedule.

*CrosstoberFestivus - Sandpoint - October 4 and 5

*MooseCross - Victor - October 11 and 12

*Rolling Thunder - Missoula - November 1 and 2

*Finals - Couer d'Alene - November 15

There will be overall competitions for all categories. $2k overall prize purse for elites.